Detecting Ponzi Schemes on Ethereum

Project Dataset

An updated dataset is available here. Below you can find the historical data that we shared, which you can use e.g. to reproduce results in our previous papers. Some of the files are too large that we store them on instead of the local server.

Some explanations: readme.txt

Solidity source code: src

Transaction information of inner contract: ContractInnerTx

Transaction information of normal contract: ContractNormalTx

The address of contracts created on the block: BlockCreateContracts.txt

Format: | Contract Address |

The address of internal created contracts: InternalCreateContracts.txt

Format: | Contract Address |

The information of transaction on the Blockchain: BlockchainTxs.csv

Format: | BlockId | TimeStamp | TxHash | FromAc | ToAc | Value | isError | Where |

The bytecode of the contracts: byteCodes.txt

Format: | Contract Address | bytecode |

The information of fired transaction: FiredTxs.csv

Format: | BlockId | OK | ParentTxHash | TxHash | Type | FromAc | ToAc | Value |

The labeled contracts of Ponzi: flaged.csv

Format: | Contract | ContractName | Compiler | Balance | TxCount_20170906 | DateVerified | Ponzi |

The address and name of Ponzi contracts without source code: noSourcePonzi.csv

Format: | Id | Name | Address |

The Opcode of the contracts: Opcodes.csv

Format: | Contract Address | Opcode |

The address and name of Ponzi contracts: ponziContracts.csv

Format: | Id | Name | Address |

Downloads All: dataToIssure